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  Quality Golden Brown Bib Apron

Part No. 44-2136 Leather 36"
Part No. 44-2142 Leather 42"
Part No. 44-2148 Leather 48"
Color: Golden Brown
  Yellow Jacket
Superior flame, heat and abrasion resistant, select cowhide leather sleeves for heavy duty protection

Part No. 33-3060
Color: Golden Brown / Blue
Size: M, L, XL, XXL,XXXL


30" Leather Jacket
Jacket, Standard Leather, 30"

Part No. 44-2130
Color: Golden Brown
Size: M, L, XL, XXL,XXXL


23" Sleeves
Sleeves are equipped with over-the-shoulder hanging system that distributes weight across the shoulders comfortably.

Part No. 44-2023
Color: Golden Brown
Length: 23"
  Legging Spats

Velcro closure, shape-to-fit shin guard and shoe top cover

Part No. 44-2114
Color: Golden Bro225
Length: 14"
Velcro closure and under shoe elastic strap

Part No. 44-2106
Color: Golden Brown
Length: 6"
 44-202844-2014-1.jpg image by fcwintltd

 Quality Golden Brown Leather Clothing
Cape Sleeve, Standard Leather

Part No. 44-2028
Color: Golden Brown Leather
Size: L

Bib, Standard Leather, 14"
Part No. 44-2014
Color: Golden Brown Leather
Size: 14"




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