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Tungsten Materials

From the AC power outlet, through your welding equipment, and all the way to the part to be welded, it is important to keep all inputs to the weld process consistent. One of the most frequently neglected yet crucial variables is the Tungsten electrode. Even the highest quality welding equipment can not make up for a bad electrode.

Tungsten Materials remove this variable as a concern in your welding by offering the following features:

  1. Quality - Electrode performance can vary significantly from one Tungsten manufacturer to another because of differences in the manufacturing process. Among the many variables, it is important that the proper quantity of oxides (Thorium, Cerium, or Lanthanum) are contained in every batch of electrodes and that those oxides are evenly distributed throughout the electrode. Pro-Fusion only offers the highest quality Tungsten materials to ensure excellence and consistency in your welding performance.
  2. Selection - No single material is the right choice for every application. In the past, most welders used 2% Thoriated Tungsten for most DC welding applications. However, because this material is slightly radioactive and ingestion of the dust during grinding represents a health hazard, many welders have looked to other alternatives. Non-radioactive 2% Ceriated Tungsten has proven itself to be very good in low amperage welding and is commonly used by orbital welders. The new non-radioactive 1% Lanthanated Tungsten electrode is an excellent substitute for 2% Thoriated Tungsten in almost every application. In addition, independent, controlled tests have shown that it actually offers better arc starting and longer life.



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