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  DraftMax Ultra downdraft table



 The DraftMax Ultra is a workbench that provides extraction and filtration for
 welding and grinding applications. The DraftMax Ultra features a work grid, a
 three-stage pre filtration system for optimum spark arresting and two  
 selfcleaning main filter cartridges. Both pre and main filters have pull-out dust
 drawers underneath. The filter cleaning system starts automatically each time
 the fan is switched off (offline cleaning) and also when the pressure drop
 reaches a certain maximum value during use (online cleaning). The filter
 cartridges are individually cleaned from the inside by compressed airshots.
 An integrated buzzer indicates when the filter cartridges need to be replaced.
 For welding and grinding applications the DraftMax Ultra should be fitted with
 a backdraft kit for optimum division of the extraction capacity (approx. 80%
 backdraft, 20% downdraft). Filter exchange and service (except for the
 membrane valves) can be effected from the front side.

  •  Dimensions (L x W x H)
     1380 x 1005 x 920 mm
  • Dimensions work grid (L x W)
    11366 x 750 mm
  • Working height  adjustment
    920 - 970 mm
  • Material:
     ?housing  -  epoxy-coated sheet metal

     ?work grid  - galvanized steel
  • Colour:
     ?housing  -  black RAL 9005
     ?front doors  -   yellow RAL 1004
  • Weight (net)
    255 kg
  • Filters
    ?Material main filter cartridges
        -cellulose and polyester fibres
  • Connection voltage





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